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Ltd. "Innovative Enterprise" Shchekinoazot ", is a subsidiary of the largest chemical company in the Russian Federation, JSC" Shchekinoazot ". 

As in the past, and nowadays, on the territory of former Soviet Union, our company is the only one manufacturer of heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes. 

We produce heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes for more than 50 years!







The main advantages of our membranes :

• Durability. The duty life ( duty lifetime) of our membranes, from the depending of the environment, is from 5 to 20 years !

• High tensile strength!

• A low surface resistance!

• Our experience in the production of membranes is more than 50 years!

• Low cost in contrast with foreign membranes with similar quality!


On the basis of ion-exchange membranes of our production was created more than 1000 electrodialysis plants

Annually, equipment, staffed by our membranes, desalting more than 1.5 million cubic meters of water!


 In 2007, in collaboration with leading electrodialysis schools of Russia, KubanStateUniversity and VoronezhStateUniversity, we created a line of high-tech, energy-efficient equipment on the basis of electrodialysis membranes of our own production.

In 2010 we manufacture, install and launch the first electrodialysis plant «Istok Milk» series, for demineralization of cheese whey.

In 2011 we manufacture, install and launch electrodialysis unit «Istok Milk» series, for the demineralization of whey curd.

2013 - Developed technology of electrodialysis concentration of juice condensate  from the production of ammonium selitry. Developed  technology of  whey complex processing , including separation processes, pasteurization, ultra- and nanofiltration.

In 2014 we manufactured, install and launch  the electrodialysis unit «Istok Aqua» series, for demineralization of water.

In 2014, together with the “Yaroslavl ‘s Institute of quality of raw materials and food products” designed a line for processing curd and cheese serum,  and milk permeate after ultrafiltration with  reception of  final products with high added value.

In 2014 was developed the electrodialysis equipment on the basis of own production of bipolar membranes for producing acid and alkali.